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High-Speed DSL Internet

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No long-term Contracts

Say Goodbye to Long Term Contracts

We all like choices. So, which Internet service plan is right for you? Internet service providers offer prepaid plans, contract plans, and no contract plans. Each plan offers advantages for different situations. We offer a no long term contract plan because it gives you the most flexibility and puts you in control.

No hidden taxes or fees

You Won't Find any Hidden Taxes or Fees

From your credit-card bill to that text message you just sent, hidden fees are lurking everywhere. Those costs can add up fast. We keep it a priority to be upfront and honest about what your Internet service is going to cost.

No surprise hikes

There Aren't any Surprise Rate Hikes

We've all seen it happen. A company promotes a great offer that gives you the lowest rate compared to their competition. You take the offer and a year later you are stuck paying 3 times what you orginally agreed to. We take pride in keeping our prices set at the agreed upon price.

Unlimited High-Speed DSL Internet without any Data Caps!

States we serve DSL Internet Service
  • Starting at $26.95 per month
  • DSL with speeds up to 7Mbps
    Actual speeds may vary depending on distance, line quality, phone service provider and number of devices used concurrently.
  • Free DSL Router
    Free single-port DSL Router on loan for the life of your DSL Service. Wireless DSL Router is also available for purchase for $25. Both routers are an additional $10 Shipping & Handling.
  • 5 Free Email addresses
    5 Email addresses come free with your DSL Service. You can also purchase additional Email accounts if needed.
  • Easy to follow setup guides
  • FREE Tech Support
    Free US Based phone technical support is provided to help you setup & troubleshoot your DSL service.
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FAQ about DSL Internet

If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us. We'll be more than happy to assist you.

  • Does DELANET.NET offer multiple DSL Speeds?

    Yes. DELANET.NET offers several packages with download speeds ranging from 256Kbps up to 7 Mbps. Your actual connection speed may vary depending on your location.

  • Does DSL require installing an additional phone line?

    The simple answer is no. In most cases, you will only need one phone line.

  • I don't have a landline. Can I still get DSL?

    Depending on your location, Stand-alone DSL (no need for phone service) may be available.

  • Can I use my existing telephone while using DELANET.NET DSL?

    You can still talk on the same phone line and be connected to the Internet at the same time.

  • Do I need any special equipment for DELANET.NET DSL?

    Besides your computer and a network card (which comes standard on most computers). A DSL Router is also needed which we can provide.

  • How easy is DELANET.NET DSL to set-up?

    We provide you with simple, step-by step instructions for installing your DSL equipment. If you ever have a question, simply contact our tech support team.

  • How will I be billed?

    Your first month of service is charged on the date that you place your order. It will cover the first month after your DSL service is installed. Billing is in monthly increments thereafter. No long term contract or commitment is required. You can upgrade, or downgrade plans at anytime.

  • Will I be charged for the time my DSL service is used?

    DELANET.NET provides Unlimited Internet access without data caps each month. So you never have to worry about exceeding a monthly quota, or accruing overage charges.

  • Will my telephone work if my DSL modem is unplugged?

    Yes, however if you use a VOIP carrier for your phone service, such as Vonage. You must have your DSL router active for your VOIP telephone to work.